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  • hey facebook, that’s your fucking problem bitch

Seriously facebook. I mean seriously?!?!?

WTF facebook. The entire point of your existence is so I don’t have to give people I meet my phone number.  Do you think I want my fiends calling me? Fuck that. A real friend would know I have no fucking interest in talking to them.

And while I’m at it facebook. Fuck you.

I mean seriously facebook, WTF dude. WTF and why is your website always asking me to do stuff. I don’t want to do that stuff. The stuff I want to do I don’t need you to remind me about and I don’t even want to do that so there. Fuck you.

Also why do you let people see that I’ve seen the event I was invited to? How am I supposed to pretend like I never saw the notification if you go telling people I looked at it?!?! WTF. Horse shit. Fuck.

Whats with the green dots bitch? Now these assholes know when I’m on facebook. I turn off chat and people message me. Why do people have to exist so much. Stop it. Facebook. Now. Fuck you.

Stop it.

No. More.

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