Drips on Mug Look Upset or Something. Now I’m Upset.

  • Earlier Black Cat crossed my path
  • I’m freaking out man

Seriously, I was fine with the black cat and that ass that ran the stop sign but this is just to much. Why does my mug have to look at me with such disrespect? I made the drink to forget about that shit. Now I gotta deal with more shit?!?!?


I’m freaking out man…

This is what happens when people decorate for Halloween in September. This is what happens when the Illuminati has your phone tapped.  I try to be a good person. I don’t talk to sexy women ever. I only talk shit on people behind their  back. I change my underwear daily or at the least nightly.

Fuck you mug.

Fuck. You.

I made you what you are.

If it wasn’t for me you’d still be sitting on a shelf at Target like some Microsoft Surface Pro. This is bullshit man.

Sorry. Not sorry. Don’t make me get a paper towel you fucker. Cheer me up drink.

Or else.

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