Local Spanker Caught with Pants Down

  • Dooley “Her pants were down”.
  • A Local Laotion “The Hills are a redneck menace”.

Local public school spanker, Peggy Hill, was back in the news today after exposing herself to a group of seventh grade students at Tom Landry Middle School Friday afternoon.

Readers may remember Mrs. Hill from a spanking scandal last fall when local honor student Stuart Dooley received the harsh punishment from the substitute Spanish teacher, Hill, after a misunderstanding during class.

Hill has also been linked to a plagiarism case involving her son Bobby Hill, a student of the same school.  As of yet it is unknown why Mrs. Hill exposed herself to the classroom but the Rory Balls Report has obtained cell phone pictures of the incident from an anonymous student that leaves little room for doubt.

We reached out to Principal Carl Moss who expressed his regret for the incident and that Mrs. Hill was sent home pending investigation but refused to comment further. As of this time Peggy Hill has not been available for comment.

This is a developing story and the Rory Balls Report will update this article when more information becomes available.




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